My name is Ariadna Rius and I am a graphic designer and illustrator.

Born in Manresa (1987) and based in Vic (Barcelona), from a very small age I have been interested in arts and illustration. With the discovery of digital illustration, a new world opened up to me about the possibilities of this environment, that’s why I studied graphic design in Elisava, Barcelona and Aalto-yliopisto, Helsinki.

I have worked in editorial design, branding, web, television, user experience, graphics for documentaries, etc. I am always concerned that analysisprior documentation and coherence are very important to achieve a good final product. I consider myself a detailed, technical, delicate, precise and versatile person.

Although the digital environment is predominant today, I firmly believe that manual essence is vital to give personality to projects. Whenever I love to get my hands dirty to get textures and finishes that I finally apply to projects, either through paper, brush or fabric.

Everything communicates, even what is not seen at first glance.